One of “those” mornings…

We had one of “those” mornings here. Master E didn’t know what he wanted to do and every suggestion was hit back with a no. Little Miss A generally goes with the flow and participates in everything she possibly can but Master E is a bit trickier. Today I spent a few minutes gathering bits and pieces and set up a sensory tub outside. I found the original idea over at Counting coconuts.

Here’s what was in the tub today:


I set this up outside on a rug under our mango tree. I left some scoops and spoons along side with a couple of extra tractors and lured Master E outside. Master E thrives with this kind of play, before long he was a farmer feeding the animals, making all the animals noises and we were talking about all the different names for the animals and their baby’s. Little Miss A enjoys the scooping and stirring of this activity as well as making all the animal noises.

Image   Image









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