BroomeTime afternoons

The school day in Broome begins at 8am and finishes at 2pm. It’s fantastic once you get the other little people sleeping in just a way that fits into pick up time. 2pm pick up can also be curse. Some days when Master C comes home from school tired and not in a mood to accomadate his little sister it’s on for one and all. This afternoon was headed down that path. I’d been keeping WaterBeads up my sleeve and this was the perfect time to pull them out.



We had clear and blue waer beads. At first I gave them a container each of mixed up colours. They discovered that they bounced and were slippery and squishy.



We added in a little water and they couldn’t help but scoop and pour them into all sorts of different containers.



Mater C was intrigued when the clear beads completely disappeared into the water. It was as if they weren’t there at all.




These water beads, with a little water and a few containers and scoops entertained my kids for an hour! almost a record around here. We were able to collect most of the beads up for use another day and the ones that were broken they enjoyed squishing them into the garden.


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