Weekend Cooking

For Broome standards today was freezing! It was only 11C at 6am (I know not so bad for pretty much everywhere else in Australia at the moment) and we only made it to 25C this afternoon. Perfect morning to make something yummy and warm up the house at the same time. Little miss A took herself off to bed very early so it was just the boys and I cooking, they requested Chocolate muffins.

Because it’s saturday and we had nothing better do than bake I found a recipe with lots of weighing and measuring. Master C took control of the scales and made sure everything was just right.

The boys don’t often get to cook without their little sister “helping” and they really seemed to enjoy it. The were able to try the trickier jobs like cracking the eggs that are too hard to juggle with a nearly 2 yr old helping. Great team work, sharing jobs and helping each other.



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