Kids and Camping.

As a family we love camping!

Before kids we loved camping and now we drag the kids along for the ride, although camping with 3 kids, 5 and under is a whole new defination of camping. This past weekend we took the camper trailer and headed to 80 mile beach, 400km south of Broome. It’s still school term here so it was just an over night trip. SO much organising for such a short trip but worth the effort. 80 mile Beach is stunning.

 We spent Friday packing, had an early start Saturday and spent all afternoon at the beach. The water was a bit cold for us but the kids had a great time playing on the sand and collecting sea shells. This is one of the few beaches near us where there is no limit on collecting shells. You could sit in one spot and easily fill a kids bucket full of shells.

 Lots of digging, lots of playing pretend and lots of fun!


After dinner back at our tent we hit the beach again to watch the sun go down.

Fun times in the tent!

We had a great weekend away and might head back to 80 mile when there are a few less grey nomads about.



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