Painting with Balls

A few weeks ago we saw Marble Painting on Mister Maker (a kids program on ABC) and decided to give it a go. All you need is a tray, some paper, paint and marbles or balls. We started off with big plastic balls, thinking they’re a little more toddler friendly than marbles.

 By rolling the balls through the paint the kids can make some pretty cool patterns really easily. Little Miss A wasn’t so keen on rolling the balls. Instead they became a subsitute paintbrush but her painting turned out great anyway.

The key to this art is chosing colours that will look good together, primary colours work especially well. With boys like mine who always want to use black,  you also need to take the piece away and replace with a new one at just the right time because it doesn’t take long for a great pattern to turn into a mess of paint.



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