Friendly Sea Shells

The last two days we have been working on some shell creatures. We have a huge number of shells and this is a really cute way of using some of them. Some we love is also having a birthday very soon so might find these in their letterbox next week.

Yesterday we began by chosing and painting our sea shells. All the kids were pretty keen and we ended up with a lot of painted shells. Since we started this activity after school we needed to leave them overnight to dry before glueing.

This afternoon after school we got out the stash of googly eyes and the hot glue gun and stuck eyes onto the shells. Both boys were great at matching sizes and colours of the eyes and were very keen to have a go with the glue.




3 thoughts on “Friendly Sea Shells

  1. Thanks so much for sharing on your blog, you have given me heaps of ideas for activities for my 2.5 yo – I tend to just open the back door and let him run wild! Not so easy in wintery Adelaide at the moment. I was wondering if you use any particular kind of paint for the shells?

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