Dot Painting

 “NAIDOC is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and an opportunity to recognise the contributions of Indigenous Australians in various fields.”  (

This past week has been NAIDOC week and Master C has been doing lots of relevant activities at school. He came home with many masterpieces but the favourite of all the kids was a boomerang that he had dot painted. Both Master C and Master E have requested to make their own at home out of cardboard (so they last longer).

I found a template of a boomerang from a google search and gave them cotton buds to use instead of a paint brush. The cotton buds made great dots and are a bit trickier to hold, good for developing fine motor skills. Dots weren’t popular with the kids but they still look great.

The finished product


One thought on “Dot Painting

  1. I loved celebrating NAIDOC with the kids last year…but have to confess, with just Charlotte I did forget about it until the last minute. We read one her favourite books………Savannah dreams. All obout a little indigenous girl called Savannah who lives in Kakadu. A beautiful book.

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