Free Craft

Since school holidays began a week ago Master C has been very consistent in asking to make something. I figured out after presenting him with different ideas over the week that what he really wanted was what they call “construction” at school. Basically let lose with a big pile of boxes, scissors and tape. So today we had our own version of construction.

I had a few boxes from deliveries and also gave them glue, pipe cleaners, straws and match sticks (coloured craft ones) as well as pencils, paper, stickers, scissors etc. I put it all in the middle of the table outside and left them to it.


It was far more successful than I’d imagined it would be. For an hour and a half the biggest drama was a split drink. Master C and Master E spent the first half hour pretending that they were Mr Maker and were doing “minute make time”. In the end, the smaller two didn’t produce much except mess but in making that mess they were cutting and removing their own stickers from the sticker sheets, drawing and twisting pipe cleaners. All excellent for their fine motor skills. Master C produced the “Batwing” and the boys continued to play with it the rest of the afternoon and it’s up high waiting for more play tomorrow.


Master C’s “batwing” doesn’t seem like much at first but once he starts explaining what each gadget does and the jobs each person has to do it gets very compicated. Great imaginative play.


One thought on “Free Craft

  1. Love it…it’s called junk work here and I found if left accessible all the time everything only gets scattered.However if brought out when asked for it is fun and special.

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