Messy Play

Today Master C wanted to “make something” (more specifically a rocket ship), Master E wanted to play board games and I didn’t really fancy either. Messy play was the answer. Messy play and can change the mood in seconds. Today we used water beads, shaving foam and lots of scoops, spoons and bowls.

Starting out it was all very civilised, no one wanted to touch the foam…Master E didn’t even want any in his bowl and started out just with water beads. They soon got stuck in and after watching the other two for 10 mins Master E requested foam.

The water beads with the foam make a very slippery sensation and they loved “cooking” with them. They made pies and cakes with the water beads as decorations as well as lots of squishing between fingers listening for the squelching noise. The activity eventually turns into a big mess of foam but cleanup is so easy because the foam is designed to wash off. A garden hose for the table and a strainer in the sink to catch the water beads while washing out the containers and you can reuse the water beads that aren’t broken.



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