Floating an Egg

Today when I asked Connor what he’d like to do his reply was “an experiment”. So we sat at the computer and googled for some easy science experiments to try today. We found this one over at Science Kids. I decided to expand the experiment a little and we tested 4 different types of water. Plain; salt; sugar and coloured. before beginning I made a simple table to record our results.


It was just the boys and I for this one and Master C very quickly claimed the clipboard and pen and declared that he knew how to do it because he went to school. So we ran with that and Master E did all the steps of the experiment.


They had a great time and asked all the right questions about why and how it worked. Master C did a great job at retelling the experiment to the other half when he got home from work as well. It was great the Master E got to have such a large roll in the experiment, he was completely amazed when the egg, that normally sank began to float in the salt water.  


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