Making Crocodiles.

After our visit to the Croc park, the kids couldn’t stop talking about crocodiles so I thought that we would have a go at making our own. Find the original idea here . We did our best to replicate them.

We started out by making the bubble wrap body and the cardboard feet. Then painting them all lots of different shades of green. Master C loved mixing up the colours and trying different combinations. I only had Green, white, black, blue and yellow available so he couldn’t really go wrong.

We hung the bodies on the clothes line to dry, it only took half an hour. Just enough time to clean up the huge mess!

The next step was to glue everything together and make eyes, a nose and some scales to run down his back.

Master C was able to put almost all of his together independently but the younger 2 needed lots of help. The end product doesn’t really look like a croc but the kids think they do so that’s all the matters!


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