The first of many…

Today was Master C’s first sports day and the first in my long career of watching sports days. It has been talked about for the last two weeks. Everyday Master C would come home with stories about which events they had been practicing and he had already figured out that he wasn’t the fastest runner in the class but kept reminding us that it isn’t about winning it’s about having fun..

And boy, did he have fun! There was a parade, a running race, a sack race, a parent-child three-legged race (yes, I competed with my leg strapped to him and Little Miss A on my hip) as well as a kids three-legged race and finally an egg and spoon race. It was a huge day. While Master C sat with his faction Master E, Little Miss A and myself set up next to the playground and watched the day unfold, Poppa (who is still in Broome on holiday) joined us later in the day.

Although Master C needed to focus less on watching mum and more on running, and fell down ALOT during the sack race and came dead last in the kids three-legged race he showed great sportsmanship and kept going til the end and did it with a smile on his face.


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