This afternoon after school we headed down to the beach with Malcolm and Poppa and River. Just a short visit to take advantage of the perfect weather. We saw lots of jellyfish, which the boys found interesting and scary all at once. Size varied from the palm of my hand up to a side plate. They were see-through and had small tentacles underneath. After talking to a couple along the beach the general thought was that they were harmless. (plenty of people were swimming seemingly un-bothered by their presence.

Master C was very protective of his little sister and held her hand (because she said no to holding mine) and made sure she didn’t step in any of the jelly fish. But as boys tend to do, it didn’t take long before they were both poking and prodding them with whatever they could find, very careful not to touch them with their hands but completely exploring them.

 The timing couldn’t have been better if it was planed. Master C is focusing on the ocean and everything that lives in the water so seeing the sea snails and crabs was great.



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