In the past we have always upgraded technology on the computers terms (when it dies) so we decided to take control and upgrade before our 4.5 yr old computer dictated it was time. With 2 iPhones, 3 iPads and an iPod in the house a Mac was the obvious choice.

Sleek and shinny out of the box we had internet within 3 mins, best new computer experience ever. Downloaded a couple of programs, loaded a couple off CD, everything worked first time.

But it seems I under-estimated the learning curve from PC/Microsoft to Mac. As someone who has had a PC ever since I can remember it is a time consuming process. Not too different cause major problems but different enough to have to google how to change simple settings. It was definitely a leap, but one I’m hoping pays off in the long run. So bare with me while I grasp this new technology.


2 thoughts on “iMac

  1. I will be interested to see how you go….I like everything about an iMac…..just meed the Sony Vio
    ( piece of ****) to die

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