Meat-Free Monday

I first read about Meat-free monday a year or two ago and it has always floated around my head as a really good idea but I have never cooked “meat free” and it was all a bit hard. But tonight was our first meat free Monday. We had a shepherd’s pie made with lentils instead of meat and cauliflower on top instead of potato (the recipe was from a low-cal cook book).

Master C had picked the recipe over the weekend and all the kids helped with the veggies, peeling and chopping and mashing.. all good. My very fussy eater, Master E maintained through the whole process that yes, he’d taste it.

We popped it into the oven and went off to the park (hoping that a bit of exercise might up Master E’s appetite enough to give it a go). Came home to our dinner ready and it looked pretty good.


Served it up and before the bowl hit the table I was given this look

Master E maintained it throughout dinner and refused to even eat the cheese. Unfortunately, even with all the earlier positivity, it’s the reaction I was expecting. It’s always the reaction to any new food, but I keep trying hoping something will change. On the plus side everyone else love it so it will be reappearing on the menu plan in the future.


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