Will it float or sink?

That was the question I gave my two little people this morning.

I asked them to find me 4 different things from the garden and while they were off collecting I set up a large tub of water outside. The scene was set for a little fun, simple science.

I didn’t need to help them much with this one, they knew what do to. I just asked lots of questions and Master E made lots of predictions as to whether the items would sink to the bottom or float on top. They observed what happened and we spoke about how the heavy items sank to the bottom and the light floated. Soon Master E was able to correctly predict what would happen and was very proud of himself. They spent an hour going off and collecting different items.

Predict, observe, explain. The raw basics of a science experiment.

It’s 28 degrees at 10am here so we can pull off playing with water so early. They did get very, very wet but it was all part of the fun.


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