This morning we were getting ready to pop out into town and I sent Master E and Little Miss A outside to play with Malcolm while I hang out the washing. They were around the front (the back and front yard is just one space, no fences between) while I was out the back. I knew that Malcolm was there and they had some of his toys, there was lots of giggling and happiness so I left them to it and got my stuff together thinking we could head straight out.

This is what I found.

Mud! And it’s not normal, everyday mud… it’s pindan mud. Pindan is the iconic red dirt of the Kimberly region, it’s everywhere. Nothing much grows in it and it stains everything. So much for heading out. Instead I hosed the dog and the kids and got all the clothes into soak in a hope to avoid staining and started over again, by which time I’d lost the window of time before nap that I thought I had.

Today I’m linking up with Real Life Wednesday’s over at Picklebums!


6 thoughts on “Mud…

    • It is something I’m constantly working on. I like to plan and know what’s happening, but with 3 kids, 5 and under, I’m getting much better at ‘going with the flow’ because really there’s no other option. Luckily today it was nothing that couldn’t wait until school pick up.

      And yes they loved it!

  1. oh my GOODNESS! so funny! But you know what, moments like these, moments we wouldn’t have wrote about or captured a picture of, these moments are better than all the rest because we are now capturing them in words & pictures!! I {love} it!!
    xx melissa @ mamamiss (from the Picklebums link up too πŸ™‚

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