Playing with Pom Pom’s

Traditionally we use pom pom’s for craft and making things so as soon as the kids saw them they were looking for glue and scissors and were very disappointed when they didn’t find them. Master E asked “what do we do?”, “just play” was my response “but don’t use your fingers”. He was baffled for a minute but was up to the challenge and soon found the spoons, scoops and tongs to pick up the pom pom’s with.

Little Miss A spent her time transferring pom pom’s from one container to another, trying hard to use the tongs. Master E sorted the pom pom’s into colour groups, spent time counting them and telling all about how they were different from each other. (size and texture)

It turned into a really great activity where the two of them had the same items available but were able to work through it on their own level. Very easy to clean up, we turned it into a game to collect all the pom pom’s with the tongs. Definitely one to keep in mind for another day.





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