Birthday Boy!

We have been counting sleeps ever since Little Miss A’s 2nd birthday. Finally, today it is Master E’s 4th birthday. He had requested an Octonauts birthday, with a Kwazii cake. He had a fabulous day. He spent many hours playing with his Octonauts outside in a sensory tub, coming inside to check out another new toy but always back outside with Octonauts.

Sharing on birthday’s is hard and Little Miss A was insisting that it was her birthday and the presents were for her but Master E was very grown up and offered her a present to open for him.

He spent all day telling me that he’s 4 and now he can go to Kindy (well next year) and that he will wear a uniform like Master C does. He also told me that he’s nearly 5. I couldn’t believe that on his 4th birthday he already wants to be 5. I want him to slow down and be 4 and all he wants is to grow up. Somewhere along the line I have turned a corner and on the other side a bit of a scary number. I think next year he gets to have his birthday all to himself (you see he was born on my 25th birthday). He can do all the getting older, seeing as he’s so keen and I’ll stay 29 for an extra year or two.



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