Has plagued our household. Today is Day 7 of vomit, diarrhoea and grumpy kids. As all loving siblings do, they have been sharing their germs around and we have had a cycle of one starts to get better as the next gets sick, and it repeats. Any given day this week one of the three have slept all day and all night and all day again, waking only to expel anything left in their little bodies.

Real Life here today is not putting off things for tomorrow because I’m acutely aware that tomorrow may be my turn…. what are the chances of nursing three little people through this and not catching it myself?

Today I’m thankful I have a huge washing line and lots of hot sunny days.

Today I’m linking up with Real Life Wednesday over at Picklebums!



6 thoughts on “Sickness

  1. good luck with not catching anything!! there is only so many times you can be spewed on, sneezed on or coughed on!! hope your household gets better very soon!!

  2. Oh I don’t know what’s worse… them getting it one after another or when my kids all get it at the same time! Horrific either way!

    I used to claim that I was immune to gastro after 10 years working in preschool settings and the first year spending as much time home spewing as at work…. but I’ve not been working out of home for nearly 9 years now and each time the spew fairy comes to visit I am terrified that this will be the time when my immunity has worn off!

    Fingers crossed you stay well and everyone else gets better asap!

  3. So sorry to hear about your family being sick! I’m running out this weekend and getting a flu shot, which I get every year now since I got the flu twice on one month! Hope you don’t get sick, too!

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