Decorator Crabs

Last week, before the sickness, was Master E’s birthday. As part of his Octonauts birthday he received an octonauts DVD. One of the episodes on the disk was about decorator crabs and it seemed to catch their interest so we set out to learn a little about them and make our own.

We used a template that we found here. I pre-cut all the pieces, enough for 2 crabs prior to starting the craft to streamline our efforts. I read the instructions to Master C and he glued both crabs together.

The next step was to paint, we discussed the colours that the crabs are in the ocean but nether Master C or Little Miss A was interested in those so out came the favourite colours.

Halfway through Master E wanted to join in and happily helped his little sister get all the legs painted.

After leaving the paint to dry, we needed to collect things from around the house to decorate the crabs. I gradually popped things into a container over a few days so when we were ready we could get straight on with the decorating.

Apart from trying to control the quantity of glue Little Miss A wanted to use it was a straight forward process. It was a good project to do when some were sick and some were healthy, each contributed along the way to complete two crabs.



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