This afternoon I watched Little Miss A push a chair over to the kids computer, turn the monitor on, click on her name to log in, then double click on the icon for her game and play independently for about 10mins.

Today Miss A re-enforced just how much he learns from her big brothers and reminded me that age is truely just a number and that I can’t limit her activities because she just turned 2 and shouldn’t be able to do that yet.

Linking up with Picklebums for Real Life Wednesday on a Thursday morning because real life got in the way!



4 thoughts on “Skills

  1. I think being a girl helps! Aren’t we are smarter? Or at least we can multi-task like nobody’s business! Love what you said about age being just a number! (Cute photo!)

  2. I remember being stunned when my oldest at 3yo googled “ABC Kids” and found the right website and I just stood there in shock not knowing what to do. She was so proud of herself.

  3. Oh this is exactly how it is on our house too.
    On his second birthday I thought about buying him more duplo, because he loves to build. And then I watched him sitting up with his sisters and brother building little Lego and I wondered about buying him little Lego… but no… he is only turning two…. but his fine motor skills are excellent and he can build as well with little Lego as with Duplo… but no…. but yes. A simple Lego set is his prized possession… “Dat my Yego” he tells everyone. Even if he can’t say it he sure can build with it!

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