Police puppets

Today I have 3 little people all feeling a bit under the weather, a bit of a high temp and a big boy who is a bit sick for school but a well enough to want to do something.

At school this term Master C is learning about the community and the people who help us. Along with over half his class he has decided he wants to be a policeman. (only 1 child in the whole class said they want to be teacher… speaks volumes but that’s a whole different story). Building on the new found love of policemen I found a printable online to make a policeman. Here’s the link.

Totally simple, not much mess and aloud the three to work at their own level. Master C did all the work independently, Master E was able to cut the shapes into big circles and I then cut them to shape and Little miss A loves just having a go with the glue and the scissors but I did do most of the cutting/assembly for her.

We attached the head and legs with butterfly clips so they can move around a little and they are still playing with them and are requesting a police dog and a car to go with it.


Decorator Crabs

Last week, before the sickness, was Master E’s birthday. As part of his Octonauts birthday he received an octonauts DVD. One of the episodes on the disk was about decorator crabs and it seemed to catch their interest so we set out to learn a little about them and make our own.

We used a template that we found here. I pre-cut all the pieces, enough for 2 crabs prior to starting the craft to streamline our efforts. I read the instructions to Master C and he glued both crabs together.

The next step was to paint, we discussed the colours that the crabs are in the ocean but nether Master C or Little Miss A was interested in those so out came the favourite colours.

Halfway through Master E wanted to join in and happily helped his little sister get all the legs painted.

After leaving the paint to dry, we needed to collect things from around the house to decorate the crabs. I gradually popped things into a container over a few days so when we were ready we could get straight on with the decorating.

Apart from trying to control the quantity of glue Little Miss A wanted to use it was a straight forward process. It was a good project to do when some were sick and some were healthy, each contributed along the way to complete two crabs.


Popstick puppets

While Little Miss A had her nap Master E had a go at making some ocean themed puppets. Master C’s class is currently focusing on the ocean and he wanted in on the action. These were simple, yet look great. The only help he needed was in the cutting out. He cut each animal in a big circle and I then cut it accurately. It only took us 20mins plus drying time and he loves them.

One last Croc Craft

I had one last croc craft for the boys before the excitment of the croc park wore off. The original idea is here. Master C was able to complete the 90% of this craft independantly. It was great to see that he could move forward with steps while I was helping Master E.

Mater C’s finished Croc… Master E’s got “eaten” before I had a chance to snap a pic!

Making Crocodiles.

After our visit to the Croc park, the kids couldn’t stop talking about crocodiles so I thought that we would have a go at making our own. Find the original idea here . We did our best to replicate them.

We started out by making the bubble wrap body and the cardboard feet. Then painting them all lots of different shades of green. Master C loved mixing up the colours and trying different combinations. I only had Green, white, black, blue and yellow available so he couldn’t really go wrong.

We hung the bodies on the clothes line to dry, it only took half an hour. Just enough time to clean up the huge mess!

The next step was to glue everything together and make eyes, a nose and some scales to run down his back.

Master C was able to put almost all of his together independently but the younger 2 needed lots of help. The end product doesn’t really look like a croc but the kids think they do so that’s all the matters!

Free Craft

Since school holidays began a week ago Master C has been very consistent in asking to make something. I figured out after presenting him with different ideas over the week that what he really wanted was what they call “construction” at school. Basically let lose with a big pile of boxes, scissors and tape. So today we had our own version of construction.

I had a few boxes from deliveries and also gave them glue, pipe cleaners, straws and match sticks (coloured craft ones) as well as pencils, paper, stickers, scissors etc. I put it all in the middle of the table outside and left them to it.


It was far more successful than I’d imagined it would be. For an hour and a half the biggest drama was a split drink. Master C and Master E spent the first half hour pretending that they were Mr Maker and were doing “minute make time”. In the end, the smaller two didn’t produce much except mess but in making that mess they were cutting and removing their own stickers from the sticker sheets, drawing and twisting pipe cleaners. All excellent for their fine motor skills. Master C produced the “Batwing” and the boys continued to play with it the rest of the afternoon and it’s up high waiting for more play tomorrow.


Master C’s “batwing” doesn’t seem like much at first but once he starts explaining what each gadget does and the jobs each person has to do it gets very compicated. Great imaginative play.


Lately we have been reading longer chapter books at bedtime and it was decided that we needed bookmarks. Today we made our own with a simple rectangle template, stickers and a laminator. They came out looking great. (the picture doesn’t do them justice) and the kids enjoyed making them.

Master C chose pirates, Master E firefighter and Little Miss A had teddy bears, butterfly’s and love hearts.

This really was a quick, easy, practical craft. (only 20mins)