Little Boats

Some carefully chosen recyclables became boats recently. I had picked the containers that I knew would float well and would hold a fair amount of “creativity” before sinking.

It didn’t take long until we had 3 little boats ready to try in a tub of water. Master C was able to make his independently, Master E needed some help to make a flag but did all the general decorating and Little Miss A mostly just had fun sticking colourful bits onto her boat.

Each chose a Lego man to ride in their boats. The current toy of choice which has no end in sight.

All their boats floated and they blew through a straw to make wind to push them along. Master E crafted a submarine later although was disappointed that it kept popping up to the surface instead of staying under like a submarine should.



This morning we were getting ready to pop out into town and I sent Master E and Little Miss A outside to play with Malcolm while I hang out the washing. They were around the front (the back and front yard is just one space, no fences between) while I was out the back. I knew that Malcolm was there and they had some of his toys, there was lots of giggling and happiness so I left them to it and got my stuff together thinking we could head straight out.

This is what I found.

Mud! And it’s not normal, everyday mud… it’s pindan mud. Pindan is the iconic red dirt of the Kimberly region, it’s everywhere. Nothing much grows in it and it stains everything. So much for heading out. Instead I hosed the dog and the kids and got all the clothes into soak in a hope to avoid staining and started over again, by which time I’d lost the window of time before nap that I thought I had.

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A Backyard resident

This afternoon our puppy Malcolm was barking excitedly at the side fence, wagging his tail and jumping around. Immediately the kids were over to see what he was barking at, and after screams about a snake, and a minor heart stopping moment for me, we found it was a blue tongue lizard.

As you can imagine it wasn’t particularly impressed by Malcolm and put on a bit of a show. Master E and Little Miss A saw his blue tongue and watched him angrily hiss at Malcolm. They were scared of him but very curious and wanted to catch him and touch him. They watched how fast he could run away when he saw the chance and then hide from the dog.

Seeing this lizard was a great way to start talking about snakes again. Re-enforcing to my two smallest that they don’t touch animals that they see in the yard and to get my attention to come and check it out. They had a great time watching him and I’m crossing everything that we don’t have a snake visit us this season.

A close encounter

Although green tree frogs are pretty commonplace up here we haven’t seen one in a long time, they like the hot humid weather in the wet season but the dry is generally too cold. Malcolm found this one and the kids were very excited.




This afternoon after school we headed down to the beach with Malcolm and Poppa and River. Just a short visit to take advantage of the perfect weather. We saw lots of jellyfish, which the boys found interesting and scary all at once. Size varied from the palm of my hand up to a side plate. They were see-through and had small tentacles underneath. After talking to a couple along the beach the general thought was that they were harmless. (plenty of people were swimming seemingly un-bothered by their presence.

Master C was very protective of his little sister and held her hand (because she said no to holding mine) and made sure she didn’t step in any of the jelly fish. But as boys tend to do, it didn’t take long before they were both poking and prodding them with whatever they could find, very careful not to touch them with their hands but completely exploring them.

 The timing couldn’t have been better if it was planed. Master C is focusing on the ocean and everything that lives in the water so seeing the sea snails and crabs was great.


The first of many…

Today was Master C’s first sports day and the first in my long career of watching sports days. It has been talked about for the last two weeks. Everyday Master C would come home with stories about which events they had been practicing and he had already figured out that he wasn’t the fastest runner in the class but kept reminding us that it isn’t about winning it’s about having fun..

And boy, did he have fun! There was a parade, a running race, a sack race, a parent-child three-legged race (yes, I competed with my leg strapped to him and Little Miss A on my hip) as well as a kids three-legged race and finally an egg and spoon race. It was a huge day. While Master C sat with his faction Master E, Little Miss A and myself set up next to the playground and watched the day unfold, Poppa (who is still in Broome on holiday) joined us later in the day.

Although Master C needed to focus less on watching mum and more on running, and fell down ALOT during the sack race and came dead last in the kids three-legged race he showed great sportsmanship and kept going til the end and did it with a smile on his face.


Yesterday we spent the afternoon at The Malcolm Douglas Wildlife Park . We have a family pass that allows us entry for a year so it’s great to go and spend just a couple of hours. It’s peak tourist season here at the moment so it was busy but the boys got to hold baby crocodiles and we got a great spot watching the crocs get fed.

The crocodiles are the star attraction for the kids by far.  They never get tired of seeing them get fed or looking at them close up through the fences.


There are many other animals at the park, mostly Australian natives. We spent an hour walking around seeing some of them.