Little Boats

Some carefully chosen recyclables became boats recently. I had picked the containers that I knew would float well and would hold a fair amount of “creativity” before sinking.

It didn’t take long until we had 3 little boats ready to try in a tub of water. Master C was able to make his independently, Master E needed some help to make a flag but did all the general decorating and Little Miss A mostly just had fun sticking colourful bits onto her boat.

Each chose a Lego man to ride in their boats. The current toy of choice which has no end in sight.

All their boats floated and they blew through a straw to make wind to push them along. Master E crafted a submarine later although was disappointed that it kept popping up to the surface instead of staying under like a submarine should.


Fish Printing

So it was school holiday time here in WA and to help keep everyone happy I’d booked all the kids into a couple of school holiday activities run by the Dept of Fisheries. On the face of it they looked perfect. They ran for 2 hours in the morning so we’d be home in plenty of time for lunch and naps and there were no aged limits. (often a problem with a 2 yr old in tow) and they were FREE.

Fish printing caught my eye as something educational and fun, the information on the brochure said that it was a technic used in the early years of Broome to record different types of fish, when and how they were caught (this should have been clue because what resources did early settlers in Broome really have available??).

Once we were there, totally committed to participating the “teacher” pulls out a REAL Barramundi and started talking to the kids about the fish. It dawned on all the parents, at about the same time, that we were printing with REAL fish. Very daunting thinking I needed to help all 3 children complete this task. Luckily a helper adopted Master C so I only had to help the little two and it turned into a really fun activity.

The Barramundi were surplus stock from the local aquaculture centre. They were frozen so there was no fishy smell. The basic process was to dry the fish, pin out the fins and any details with playdoh, then paint it with watery paint and press a calico bag on top to take a print. After we’d finished the fish were going to be cleaned up, re-frozen and used at the local high school in science class.

Although it was a big hit with the kids I’m not sure I would have attempted it if I’d known what the task involved (not with a 2 yr old in tow anyway!)

Today I’m linking up with Real Life Wednesday with Picklebums because in real life only the adults question the idea of painting fish.



This afternoon I watched Little Miss A push a chair over to the kids computer, turn the monitor on, click on her name to log in, then double click on the icon for her game and play independently for about 10mins.

Today Miss A re-enforced just how much he learns from her big brothers and reminded me that age is truely just a number and that I can’t limit her activities because she just turned 2 and shouldn’t be able to do that yet.

Linking up with Picklebums for Real Life Wednesday on a Thursday morning because real life got in the way!


The Tooth Fairy

Excitement spread across Master C’s sick little face last week when he realised his tooth was loose. He’s been waiting and waiting as many of his friends have been losing teeth and he was desperate to have a wobbly one. So it seems the tooth fairy will begin visiting us in the coming weeks.

Curiosity got the better of me and I googled. I had no idea how this myth began or even what the going rate for a tooth is these days but was blown away by how many companies are out there trying to make a buck out of this childhood fantasy. Everything from a photo of the tooth fairy visiting your sleeping child to special tooth fairy money to leave under the pillow.

We’ll be keeping it much simpler than this but each child loses 20-24 teeth, times by 3 and we’re up for 60+ tooth fairy visits over the next 10 years!

So I’m throwing it open for opinions, what modern day tooth fairy traditions do you have in your household? and how much is a tooth fairy paying for a tooth these days?


Has plagued our household. Today is Day 7 of vomit, diarrhoea and grumpy kids. As all loving siblings do, they have been sharing their germs around and we have had a cycle of one starts to get better as the next gets sick, and it repeats. Any given day this week one of the three have slept all day and all night and all day again, waking only to expel anything left in their little bodies.

Real Life here today is not putting off things for tomorrow because I’m acutely aware that tomorrow may be my turn…. what are the chances of nursing three little people through this and not catching it myself?

Today I’m thankful I have a huge washing line and lots of hot sunny days.

Today I’m linking up with Real Life Wednesday over at Picklebums!


Birthday Boy!

We have been counting sleeps ever since Little Miss A’s 2nd birthday. Finally, today it is Master E’s 4th birthday. He had requested an Octonauts birthday, with a Kwazii cake. He had a fabulous day. He spent many hours playing with his Octonauts outside in a sensory tub, coming inside to check out another new toy but always back outside with Octonauts.

Sharing on birthday’s is hard and Little Miss A was insisting that it was her birthday and the presents were for her but Master E was very grown up and offered her a present to open for him.

He spent all day telling me that he’s 4 and now he can go to Kindy (well next year) and that he will wear a uniform like Master C does. He also told me that he’s nearly 5. I couldn’t believe that on his 4th birthday he already wants to be 5. I want him to slow down and be 4 and all he wants is to grow up. Somewhere along the line I have turned a corner and on the other side a bit of a scary number. I think next year he gets to have his birthday all to himself (you see he was born on my 25th birthday). He can do all the getting older, seeing as he’s so keen and I’ll stay 29 for an extra year or two.


A Backyard resident

This afternoon our puppy Malcolm was barking excitedly at the side fence, wagging his tail and jumping around. Immediately the kids were over to see what he was barking at, and after screams about a snake, and a minor heart stopping moment for me, we found it was a blue tongue lizard.

As you can imagine it wasn’t particularly impressed by Malcolm and put on a bit of a show. Master E and Little Miss A saw his blue tongue and watched him angrily hiss at Malcolm. They were scared of him but very curious and wanted to catch him and touch him. They watched how fast he could run away when he saw the chance and then hide from the dog.

Seeing this lizard was a great way to start talking about snakes again. Re-enforcing to my two smallest that they don’t touch animals that they see in the yard and to get my attention to come and check it out. They had a great time watching him and I’m crossing everything that we don’t have a snake visit us this season.