Birthday Boy!

We have been counting sleeps ever since Little Miss A’s 2nd birthday. Finally, today it is Master E’s 4th birthday. He had requested an Octonauts birthday, with a Kwazii cake. He had a fabulous day. He spent many hours playing with his Octonauts outside in a sensory tub, coming inside to check out another new toy but always back outside with Octonauts.

Sharing on birthday’s is hard and Little Miss A was insisting that it was her birthday and the presents were for her but Master E was very grown up and offered her a present to open for him.

He spent all day telling me that he’s 4 and now he can go to Kindy (well next year) and that he will wear a uniform like Master C does. He also told me that he’s nearly 5. I couldn’t believe that on his 4th birthday he already wants to be 5. I want him to slow down and be 4 and all he wants is to grow up. Somewhere along the line I have turned a corner and on the other side a bit of a scary number. I think next year he gets to have his birthday all to himself (you see he was born on my 25th birthday). He can do all the getting older, seeing as he’s so keen and I’ll stay 29 for an extra year or two.



Playing with Pom Pom’s

Traditionally we use pom pom’s for craft and making things so as soon as the kids saw them they were looking for glue and scissors and were very disappointed when they didn’t find them. Master E asked “what do we do?”, “just play” was my response “but don’t use your fingers”. He was baffled for a minute but was up to the challenge and soon found the spoons, scoops and tongs to pick up the pom pom’s with.

Little Miss A spent her time transferring pom pom’s from one container to another, trying hard to use the tongs. Master E sorted the pom pom’s into colour groups, spent time counting them and telling all about how they were different from each other. (size and texture)

It turned into a really great activity where the two of them had the same items available but were able to work through it on their own level. Very easy to clean up, we turned it into a game to collect all the pom pom’s with the tongs. Definitely one to keep in mind for another day.





This morning we were getting ready to pop out into town and I sent Master E and Little Miss A outside to play with Malcolm while I hang out the washing. They were around the front (the back and front yard is just one space, no fences between) while I was out the back. I knew that Malcolm was there and they had some of his toys, there was lots of giggling and happiness so I left them to it and got my stuff together thinking we could head straight out.

This is what I found.

Mud! And it’s not normal, everyday mud… it’s pindan mud. Pindan is the iconic red dirt of the Kimberly region, it’s everywhere. Nothing much grows in it and it stains everything. So much for heading out. Instead I hosed the dog and the kids and got all the clothes into soak in a hope to avoid staining and started over again, by which time I’d lost the window of time before nap that I thought I had.

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A Backyard resident

This afternoon our puppy Malcolm was barking excitedly at the side fence, wagging his tail and jumping around. Immediately the kids were over to see what he was barking at, and after screams about a snake, and a minor heart stopping moment for me, we found it was a blue tongue lizard.

As you can imagine it wasn’t particularly impressed by Malcolm and put on a bit of a show. Master E and Little Miss A saw his blue tongue and watched him angrily hiss at Malcolm. They were scared of him but very curious and wanted to catch him and touch him. They watched how fast he could run away when he saw the chance and then hide from the dog.

Seeing this lizard was a great way to start talking about snakes again. Re-enforcing to my two smallest that they don’t touch animals that they see in the yard and to get my attention to come and check it out. They had a great time watching him and I’m crossing everything that we don’t have a snake visit us this season.

Meat-Free Monday

I first read about Meat-free monday a year or two ago and it has always floated around my head as a really good idea but I have never cooked “meat free” and it was all a bit hard. But tonight was our first meat free Monday. We had a shepherd’s pie made with lentils instead of meat and cauliflower on top instead of potato (the recipe was from a low-cal cook book).

Master C had picked the recipe over the weekend and all the kids helped with the veggies, peeling and chopping and mashing.. all good. My very fussy eater, Master E maintained through the whole process that yes, he’d taste it.

We popped it into the oven and went off to the park (hoping that a bit of exercise might up Master E’s appetite enough to give it a go). Came home to our dinner ready and it looked pretty good.


Served it up and before the bowl hit the table I was given this look

Master E maintained it throughout dinner and refused to even eat the cheese. Unfortunately, even with all the earlier positivity, it’s the reaction I was expecting. It’s always the reaction to any new food, but I keep trying hoping something will change. On the plus side everyone else love it so it will be reappearing on the menu plan in the future.

Will it float or sink?

That was the question I gave my two little people this morning.

I asked them to find me 4 different things from the garden and while they were off collecting I set up a large tub of water outside. The scene was set for a little fun, simple science.

I didn’t need to help them much with this one, they knew what do to. I just asked lots of questions and Master E made lots of predictions as to whether the items would sink to the bottom or float on top. They observed what happened and we spoke about how the heavy items sank to the bottom and the light floated. Soon Master E was able to correctly predict what would happen and was very proud of himself. They spent an hour going off and collecting different items.

Predict, observe, explain. The raw basics of a science experiment.

It’s 28 degrees at 10am here so we can pull off playing with water so early. They did get very, very wet but it was all part of the fun.

When toddlers are silent

You know something is up ….. ALWAYS!

I often treat my little miss like she is 3 and a half years old because most of the time that is the way she acts. Except this afternoon when she acted completely like the just turned 2 year old she is.

Bandaids…. about 15 mins worth of choosing and opening and peeling and sticking….

Super proud of the fine motor skills involved but not so much the 20 odd bandaids she went through to get these 5 on her leg.

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