This afternoon after school we headed down to the beach with Malcolm and Poppa and River. Just a short visit to take advantage of the perfect weather. We saw lots of jellyfish, which the boys found interesting and scary all at once. Size varied from the palm of my hand up to a side plate. They were see-through and had small tentacles underneath. After talking to a couple along the beach the general thought was that they were harmless. (plenty of people were swimming seemingly un-bothered by their presence.

Master C was very protective of his little sister and held her hand (because she said no to holding mine) and made sure she didn’t step in any of the jelly fish. But as boys tend to do, it didn’t take long before they were both poking and prodding them with whatever they could find, very careful not to touch them with their hands but completely exploring them.

 The timing couldn’t have been better if it was planed. Master C is focusing on the ocean and everything that lives in the water so seeing the sea snails and crabs was great.



Time fly’s…

when you’re having fun!  It’s been 2 weeks since my last post ~ it doesn’t seem so long ago that we were making our own croc puppets but when I looked at the calendar it really has been that long. Time to catch the world up on our world.

Our local beach, gorgeous as it always is was a peaceful, relaxing way to spend a morning until Little Miss A lost her very last dummy somewhere amongst the sand. She knew it was gone, what she didn’t know was that we have decided that it was her last. She really didn’t need it anymore so I took her to the shops and she picked herself a new dolly to take to bed. After skipping her day sleep and only 10mins of tears she fell asleep and hasn’t looked back.

The kids Poppa and Omi and their dog River arrived in Broome for a visit early in this 2 week break, just before we were all at the doctor’s office with conjunctivitis, a very contagious eye infection. The kids were great with the waiting and the eye checks and we caught it early, started drops straight away and everyone got better….

except for me… my eyes got worse and worse until I was unable to walk around inside without sunglasses on.  Turns out I’m allergic to the antibiotic drops we were prescribed. After a week on new drops my eyes are getting back to normal but still red enough to attract strange looks and random questions.

And found her new presents very interesting

We have also spent lots of time at the beach with the puppies playing and enjoying the sunsets.

After 2 weeks, it’s time to get back on track!



This morning was our first trip to the beach with Malcolm. We chose early morning because we hoped there would be fewer people and other dogs there allowing us a little more freedom with our still in training puppy.

 The beach was amazing, as it always is. We found a quiet spot and let Malcolm off the lead to play fetch. I think that the boys spent more energy than Malcolm chasing the ball when he refused but everyone had a great time.

Total success! Maybe our new thing to do on Sundays.

School Holiday Adventures

So we have lived in Broome for nearly a year and we only visit 3 different parks and 1 of those I only found 3 weeks ago. It was time to find a new park! This morning I got out the map and showed Master C and Master E the symbol for a playground and set them a challenge to find one. It didn’t take long and we were off.

It was a complete success. The process was fun and the boys were learning without knowing and the park was great. A bit scary for me with a nearly 2 year old…Lots of climbing but no slide to get down!

The boys just loved this park and are already asking to go back.


Afternoon at Town Beach

This afternoon we were able to enjoy the perks BroomeTime. After picking Connor up from school at 2pm we went down to Town Beach for a picnic afternoon tea. Town beach is a local beach; Not as pretty, far less tourists and a great playground for the kids. They spent a couple of hours eating and playing and chasing sea gulls.

Tide was high so there wasn’t much sandy “beach” but there were lots of boats and fishermen to watch and they loved that the mangroves were under water. (we’re normally there at low tide).