Police puppets

Today I have 3 little people all feeling a bit under the weather, a bit of a high temp and a big boy who is a bit sick for school but a well enough to want to do something.

At school this term Master C is learning about the community and the people who help us. Along with over half his class he has decided he wants to be a policeman. (only 1 child in the whole class said they want to be teacher… speaks volumes but that’s a whole different story). Building on the new found love of policemen I found a printable online to make a policeman. Here’s the link.

Totally simple, not much mess and aloud the three to work at their own level. Master C did all the work independently, Master E was able to cut the shapes into big circles and I then cut them to shape and Little miss A loves just having a go with the glue and the scissors but I did do most of the cutting/assembly for her.

We attached the head and legs with butterfly clips so they can move around a little and they are still playing with them and are requesting a police dog and a car to go with it.


Playing with Pom Pom’s

Traditionally we use pom pom’s for craft and making things so as soon as the kids saw them they were looking for glue and scissors and were very disappointed when they didn’t find them. Master E asked “what do we do?”, “just play” was my response “but don’t use your fingers”. He was baffled for a minute but was up to the challenge and soon found the spoons, scoops and tongs to pick up the pom pom’s with.

Little Miss A spent her time transferring pom pom’s from one container to another, trying hard to use the tongs. Master E sorted the pom pom’s into colour groups, spent time counting them and telling all about how they were different from each other. (size and texture)

It turned into a really great activity where the two of them had the same items available but were able to work through it on their own level. Very easy to clean up, we turned it into a game to collect all the pom pom’s with the tongs. Definitely one to keep in mind for another day.




Popstick puppets

While Little Miss A had her nap Master E had a go at making some ocean themed puppets. Master C’s class is currently focusing on the ocean and he wanted in on the action. These were simple, yet look great. The only help he needed was in the cutting out. He cut each animal in a big circle and I then cut it accurately. It only took us 20mins plus drying time and he loves them.

Free Play

After a mixed up morning, some free, undirected play was a great way to get the kids involved in something long enough for me to clean the kitchen. I gave them a tub each, split the blue/green water beads between them and had several large jugs of water available for them to use. Master E bought over his superheros and Little miss A a couple of cars. Later I gave them the box of sensory play utensils to keep them interested a little longer.  The water beads have been played with over and over are a due to be switched over for some new ones so I didn’t mind them getting squashed.

Not sure how long they remained engaged with this but it was long enough to have a clean kitchen and lots of good photos of them playing. With no instruction or direction from me they decided to be cooks, Mr Maker and firemen. Love their imaginations! 

Sensory play

Getting back on track after our mixed up couple of weeks I set up some simple sensory play for Master E and Little Miss A. Normally this is the kind of activity I like to have outside but it was too windy today so we set up inside. Our house is tiled so very clean up friendly.

This activity is simply dried yellow and green peas in a tub with lots of different scoops, cups and containers (most from the second-hand shop). After the play I store them in a zip lock bag so they can be reused over and over.

They both love this kind of play and enjoyed it for close to 45mins.

Building little muscles

Today Master E and Little Miss A had a go at threading some coloured pasta. This type of activity is great for fine motor skill development.  Master E starts Kindy next year so I’m keen to give him lots of opportunities to improve these muscles before they want him to learn to write.

They both really enjoyed the activity but it took lots of concentration and patience. Master E got frustrated in less than 10 minutes but I left it out and he come back several times during the afternoon.