Meat-Free Monday

I first read about Meat-free monday a year or two ago and it has always floated around my head as a really good idea but I have never cooked “meat free” and it was all a bit hard. But tonight was our first meat free Monday. We had a shepherd’s pie made with lentils instead of meat and cauliflower on top instead of potato (the recipe was from a low-cal cook book).

Master C had picked the recipe over the weekend and all the kids helped with the veggies, peeling and chopping and mashing.. all good. My very fussy eater, Master E maintained through the whole process that yes, he’d taste it.

We popped it into the oven and went off to the park (hoping that a bit of exercise might up Master E’s appetite enough to give it a go). Came home to our dinner ready and it looked pretty good.


Served it up and before the bowl hit the table I was given this look

Master E maintained it throughout dinner and refused to even eat the cheese. Unfortunately, even with all the earlier positivity, it’s the reaction I was expecting. It’s always the reaction to any new food, but I keep trying hoping something will change. On the plus side everyone else love it so it will be reappearing on the menu plan in the future.


Little wins

Tonight Master E ate pasta. Not only did he try it, but he ate half a bowl and he said that he liked it. Little win? maybe … but let me fill you in.

Master E has always been a bit of a picky eater, 12 months ago he had a small but diverse and slow growing range of food that he would eat without question. When we moved to Broome most of these were refused again. Slowly they came back into his diet but seemlingly on his terms in his own time. I thought pasta was lost forever.


After 12 months of flat out refusal to even poke pasta with a fork he ate half a bowl full tonight. A little win definately worth celebrating.