This morning was our first trip to the beach with Malcolm. We chose early morning because we hoped there would be fewer people and other dogs there allowing us a little more freedom with our still in training puppy.

 The beach was amazing, as it always is. We found a quiet spot and let Malcolm off the lead to play fetch. I think that the boys spent more energy than Malcolm chasing the ball when he refused but everyone had a great time.

Total success! Maybe our new thing to do on Sundays.


A new family member.

This is Malcolm!

Just two days ago we adopted Malcolm from S.A.F.E. (saving animals from euthanasia). He is approx. 6 months old and has been housed with a carer for 2 months waiting for a family to adopt him.

So much energy has been spent running around playing outside by both the kids and Malcolm. They are doing a great job at wearing each other out. The kids just love him and we’re seeing so many special moments already.

We are all completely looking forward to having Malcolm in our lives.