This afternoon I watched Little Miss A push a chair over to the kids computer, turn the monitor on, click on her name to log in, then double click on the icon for her game and play independently for about 10mins.

Today Miss A re-enforced just how much he learns from her big brothers and reminded me that age is truely just a number and that I can’t limit her activities because she just turned 2 and shouldn’t be able to do that yet.

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Has plagued our household. Today is Day 7 of vomit, diarrhoea and grumpy kids. As all loving siblings do, they have been sharing their germs around and we have had a cycle of one starts to get better as the next gets sick, and it repeats. Any given day this week one of the three have slept all day and all night and all day again, waking only to expel anything left in their little bodies.

Real Life here today is not putting off things for tomorrow because I’m acutely aware that tomorrow may be my turn…. what are the chances of nursing three little people through this and not catching it myself?

Today I’m thankful I have a huge washing line and lots of hot sunny days.

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This morning we were getting ready to pop out into town and I sent Master E and Little Miss A outside to play with Malcolm while I hang out the washing. They were around the front (the back and front yard is just one space, no fences between) while I was out the back. I knew that Malcolm was there and they had some of his toys, there was lots of giggling and happiness so I left them to it and got my stuff together thinking we could head straight out.

This is what I found.

Mud! And it’s not normal, everyday mud… it’s pindan mud. Pindan is the iconic red dirt of the Kimberly region, it’s everywhere. Nothing much grows in it and it stains everything. So much for heading out. Instead I hosed the dog and the kids and got all the clothes into soak in a hope to avoid staining and started over again, by which time I’d lost the window of time before nap that I thought I had.

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When toddlers are silent

You know something is up ….. ALWAYS!

I often treat my little miss like she is 3 and a half years old because most of the time that is the way she acts. Except this afternoon when she acted completely like the just turned 2 year old she is.

Bandaids…. about 15 mins worth of choosing and opening and peeling and sticking….

Super proud of the fine motor skills involved but not so much the 20 odd bandaids she went through to get these 5 on her leg.

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TP woes

Toilet training is in full swing here with Little Miss A  (her decision, not ours). Although she has picked the whole concept up very quickly with hardly any input from me, we have very different ideas of how much toilet paper needs to be used. At the moment the kids toilet is averaging a roll a day! Maybe it’s a girl thing? Never faced this with the boys. Although I wont post pics of our Toilet training Little Miss, this is the kids toilet right now.

 I know that if this is the worst bit of toilet training my Little Miss I’ve come out ahead, way ahead. So until she has grown a little and learnt that there is more fun to be had playing with toys instead of paper I’ll keep trying to smile about it.

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