Will it float or sink?

That was the question I gave my two little people this morning.

I asked them to find me 4 different things from the garden and while they were off collecting I set up a large tub of water outside. The scene was set for a little fun, simple science.

I didn’t need to help them much with this one, they knew what do to. I just asked lots of questions and Master E made lots of predictions as to whether the items would sink to the bottom or float on top. They observed what happened and we spoke about how the heavy items sank to the bottom and the light floated. Soon Master E was able to correctly predict what would happen and was very proud of himself. They spent an hour going off and collecting different items.

Predict, observe, explain. The raw basics of a science experiment.

It’s 28 degrees at 10am here so we can pull off playing with water so early. They did get very, very wet but it was all part of the fun.


Floating an Egg

Today when I asked Connor what he’d like to do his reply was “an experiment”. So we sat at the computer and googled for some easy science experiments to try today. We found this one over at Science Kids. I decided to expand the experiment a little and we tested 4 different types of water. Plain; salt; sugar and coloured. before beginning I made a simple table to record our results.


It was just the boys and I for this one and Master C very quickly claimed the clipboard and pen and declared that he knew how to do it because he went to school. So we ran with that and Master E did all the steps of the experiment.


They had a great time and asked all the right questions about why and how it worked. Master C did a great job at retelling the experiment to the other half when he got home from work as well. It was great the Master E got to have such a large roll in the experiment, he was completely amazed when the egg, that normally sank began to float in the salt water.  

Boys and Bugs

This morning a small Praying Mantis landed on Master E. After the initial shock, screaming and arm flapping was over he was fascinated by the little creature. After half an hour of studying him Master E decided that he must miss his mum so put him in the garden.

This random visit led to lots of talking about insects and what they ate and how big they get and a google search to see what others looked like.

A little bit of science

My big boy was too sick to go to school today but too well to be at home. He was miserable about staying home and requested to do some science because that’s what they were doing at school today. A quick google search later and I found an experiment to make Slime. It seemed easy to follow and I had everything already.

Here’s everything we used:

The steps were easy to follow and everyone was totally keen to help

Our first try was orange as you can see above and later we made a green slime varying quantities of a couple of ingredients and Master C compared their stickiness and stretchyness.

This experianment hit the spot for all the kids, especially my big boys craving for science. In the end it wasn’t so bad being at home because science at school is all about growing plants which, to quote Master C “isn’t as exciting as slime.”